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Accelerating App Development for Startups

Maximize your product development resources with a framework that aligns with your business goals and needs.


Maximize product development resources with a framework that aligns to your business.


Secure & Agile

Build Apps with a Framework that Aligns with your Business Goals

Too many businesses fall into the trap of spending extra time and money on building an app that requires additional resources to update and maintain. And then there's security, a term that is often associated with other phrases like costly, complicated, time consuming, scary and a headache. But, now you can say goodbye to these with Kyte!

Kyte supports businesses looking for a fast-paced and agile solution with built-in security features so you can focus on more important things - like running your business. Below are just some of the security features Kyte comes with out-of-the-box:

  • Encrypted API handshake
  • Data encryption in-transit and at rest
  • Audit trails to track database transactions


A Framework that Scales with your Business Growth

Most apps that are deployed are not scalable, or require costly scaling infrastructure on AWS. Apps that require state management are plagued with additional resources to manage user sessions between auto-scaled servers. However, Kyte is a stateless and agile framework which allows for rapid scaling of resources based on realtime usage demands. So say goodby to expensive infrastructure, and start scaling like a pro with Kyte.

  • Stateless framework for rapid realtime scaling
  • Requires very little resources (Runs on a t4g.nano)
  • Backed with a global CDN for fast performance
  • Supports AWS and CloudFlare


Grow and Adapt your Apps to Market Trends in Just Minutes

Over the lifetime of an app, customer needs may change, UI/UX become trendier and new guidelines made, and manufacturers release new devices and SDKs.  All of these require updates and modification to your app, which with traditional development strategies are not just costly but time consuming. Fast-paced business cannot afford to loose time as this may lead to loss of traction and customer churn.

With Kyte, you can save precious development resources by quickly building out prototype with minimal to no-code, and launch to prod with a click of a button.

  • Visual editor for controller flow
  • Design data models with zero-code
  • Automate database and API management

Embark on Your Journey to Innovation with Kyte - Fast, Efficient, and Ready for Lift-Off!

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