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Our vision is to help elevate your business to new heights.

The name KeyQ comes from the Japanese word “kikyū” which means hot air balloon.  Think of us as the burner to accelerate your business with innovative cloud solutions.

As a registered technology partner with Amazon Web Services, we develop, deploy and manage versatile cloud applications for the web and mobile devices.

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Origin of KeyQ

KeyQ started helping SMB business owners even before its inception, so we quickly needed a name and a company.  My buddy, Justin, and I have previously worked on a startup company, so I knew to pick his brains on branding and marketing ideas.  I ended up visiting him and his family, staying at their place days at a time, brainstorming on what to call our business.  Based on the vision to elevate businesses to new heights with cloud technology, we quickly agreed on aeronautics as the theme. 

One day, while we were eating dinner at a local Thai restaurant in Vermont, Justin turned to me and asked, “How do you say hot air ballon in Japanese?”

I answered “kikyū.”