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Our Partner Cytogence

Cytogence stands at the forefront of biomedical innovation, offering expert consultancy that spans across regulatory compliance, research, and grant expertise. Their deep understanding of the biomedical landscape and commitment to excellence make them an invaluable partner in our mission to deliver advanced healthcare solutions. Discover how Cytogence is shaping the future of biomedical science and enhancing our services through a synergy of expertise and knowledge.


Transforming Data into Insights

Health & Medical Informatics

Harness the Power of Advanced Data Analytics in Healthcare
  • Comprehensive data analysis and meticulous data entry services.
  • Leveraging Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence for enhanced data analysis and mining.
  • Adherence to HIPAA standards, ensuring top-tier security and compliance in all data operations.
  • Flexible deployment with cloud, on-premises, and hybrid solutions to fit your specific needs.

Our Health & Medical Informatics services are designed to empower healthcare organizations with cutting-edge data analysis capabilities. Utilizing advanced ML/AI techniques, we uncover valuable insights from your data, driving innovation and efficiency. With a steadfast commitment to HIPAA compliance, we ensure the utmost security and privacy in our cloud-based, on-premises, or hybrid solutions, tailored to integrate seamlessly into your existing infrastructure.


Decoding Biological Data

Cutting-Edge Bioinformatics Services

Elevate Your Research with Advanced Omics and Data Analysis
  • In-depth big data and omics analysis to unlock complex biological insights.
  • Expertise in next-generation sequencing analysis, covering RNA, DNA, and Chip-seq.
  • Advanced spatial omics analysis utilizing NanoString GeoMX and CosMX platforms.
  • Utilization of AI/ML for groundbreaking analysis in bioinformatics.
  • Flexible deployment models: cloud, on-premises, and hybrid to suit your research needs.
  • Proficiency in R, Python, and other essential bioinformatics languages, frameworks, and tools.

Our bioinformatics services offer comprehensive solutions to empower your biological research. From big data and omics analysis to next-gen sequencing and spatial omics, our expertise spans the full spectrum of bioinformatics. Leveraging advanced AI/ML technologies, we provide insights that drive scientific discovery. Our flexible solutions, proficient in R, Python, and various frameworks, ensure that your research is supported by the most advanced and suitable tools in the industry.


Empowering Your Research Journey

Comprehensive Research Support Services

Expert Assistance from Conceptualization to Publication
  • Meticulous manuscript and grant proofing to enhance your submissions.
  • Advanced data analysis services to extract meaningful insights from your research data.
  • Expert research design consulting to optimize your study's structure and impact.
  • Custom figure and illustration services to visually communicate your research findings.
  • Integration of our bioinformatics and health & medical informatics expertise to support your research endeavors.

Our Research Support services are designed to bolster every phase of your research process. From precise manuscript and grant proofing to sophisticated data analysis and research design consulting, we provide the expertise you need to succeed. Our custom figure and illustration services ensure your research is presented with clarity and impact. Leveraging the full breadth of our bioinformatics and health & medical informatics capabilities, we deliver unparalleled support tailored to your research objectives.


Innovating Medical Technology

Medical Software Development

Transforming Patient Care with Customized Software Solutions
  • Specialized experience in developing software for medical devices, including DICOM standards.
  • Custom software solutions for device control, data acquisition, and image processing.
  • Integration of AI/ML technologies for predictive analytics and enhanced diagnostics.
  • Compliance with medical industry standards and regulations for software development.
  • Support for various platforms, ensuring interoperability and scalability.

Our Medical Device Software Development service is at the forefront of technological innovation in healthcare. We specialize in creating software that meets the unique needs of medical devices, from DICOM-compliant imaging solutions to advanced device control and data analysis systems. Our expertise in integrating AI/ML technologies enhances device functionality, offering predictive insights and improved diagnostic accuracy. With a strong commitment to industry compliance and standards, we ensure our software solutions are reliable, secure, and effective in advancing patient care.

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