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We're excited that you are interested in accelerating you app development with a framework that enables fast-paced businesses.


The Kyte Framework is a family of libraries that support an entire ecosystem for application development. This includes the API (backend), admin and user portals, mobile and desktop apps.

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Secure & Agile Framework

Security and scalability is the core design of Kyte, enabling fast-paced businesses.

Scalable to Match Business Growth

Let the Kyte framework handle your infrastructure, so you can focus on your business.

Quickly Adapt to Market Trends

Go from proof-to-production in just minutes with no down-time using Kyte Shipyard™.

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Build Apps with a Framework that Aligns with your Business Goals

Scale your Apps Instantly

Rapidly scale your application to meet business demands without expensive and complex state management solutions.

Build Robust Features with No-Code Solutions

Our latest no-code editor lets you build custom functionalities for your app without typing a single line of code.

Protect your Apps with Meaningful Security

Kyte comes packed with security features that are enabled by default so you can focus on building your app that's right for your business.

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