Eric Nam, MS

"Lord of All Things Technical"


I majored in computer science during my undergraduate studies and began my graduate school journey in electrical and computer engineering with the goal to deepen my understanding of electronics hardware. The classes and research were tough and ultimately decided to continue with my studies in computer science for my graduate degree.

My first job in California was at a telehealth care company, where I lead the development of a platform where consumers can talk to doctors about their symptoms. The product was immensely popular amoung doctors and patients as it provided a convenient way for both patients and doctors to communicate, especially when access to transportation and patient mobility was an issue. The technology was based on machine learning harnessing the power of IBM Watson.  We were able to create an AI Doctor that provide solutions based on the symptoms presented by the consumer to enhance convenience.

After my role in telehealth, I moved to a company that develops IoT-related projects. I’ve lead many interesting projects but one that stands out to me and is my favorite is the development of a small device that prevent children from drowning. About 750 children drown each year, 375 of whom do so within 25 yards of a parent or adult. More startling, the CDC said 10% of parents watch their children drown because they are unaware of the situation. The small device I made attaches to a child’s body and sound an emergency alarm on their parent’s smartphones if they were underwater for more than a certain period of time. This allows parents to recognize the situation immediately and to save their child.

I hope to continue making impactful and innovative solutions that will change the world.

Personal Interests

I’ve recently started a personal YouTube channel to share my project with the source code so more people can try and learn fun DIY projects based on electronics and computers. I have an active presence on my YouTube channel answering any questions people may have about my open source projects.  I hope free resources like mine help excite people of all ages to technology and promote STEM.  Also, in the Big Data era, I always wondered how we can show our data more effectively and intuitively. I’m also interested in developing new data visualizations techniques using game engines.