Where to Give Today // Spreading the gift of giving through our new mobile app

There are over a million non-profit organizations just in the US working for various causes.  We’re really excited at KeyQ to develop a new app that lets you discover nonprofit organizations in your area, and make small yet meaningful contributions.  The app is powered by Charity Navigator’s database of verified nonprofits, so you can search for and find nonprofits knowing you will only find reputable and trustworthy charity organizations.

The easy search feature lets you browse through the list of thousands of verified nonprofits and learn more about their mission without leaving the app.  Additionally, learn about new charities that you may not have heard of through our weekly features – it’s a little like speed dating but for nonprofits.

For the price of a gourmet cup of coffee, you could donate to a nonprofit of your choice and support their cause.

So, next time your thinking about treating yourself to a cup of gourmet coffee, think of making a donation on Where to Give Today for a change and learn about a new charity.  Our hope is that community driven microdonations will help promote the various causes thousands of nonprofits are fighting for and will make this world a better place one gift at a time.

The Where to Give Today mobile app is currently available for Android on Google Play.

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