Remote working with virtualized CAD & CAE solutions

Navigating work conditions during these unprecedented times is challenging and stressful.  Some companies have adopted an all-remote working condition, while others have integrated a more hybrid solution.  For those that work from home, access to specialized workstations for computationally intensive programs like CAE and CAD can be challenging.

As the COVID-19 situation develops rapidly and unpredictably, companies must adapt quickly to changing circumstances.  Businesses with significant resources may have the advantage to adopt enterprise-level virtualization solution for their employees, such as Citrix’s Virtual Desktop solutions.  However, small and mid-sized business may be faced with the challenge of significantly increased costs and IT overhead that can quickly burden and halt company growth.  Some companies have adopted a work-around solution that allows employees to VPN into their company network and use Microsoft Remote Desktop.  Although this solution may work, there are definitely draw-backs such as performance and most importantly security.

KeyQ, as a technology partner with Amazon Web Services, helps business take advantage of cloud solutions that are secure and reliable.  We have successfully helped business implement remote workstations using AWS’s AppStream 2.0 to provide a seamless user experience that meets application performance requirements.  Additionally, by integrating AppStream with local authentication methods such as Active DIrectory and cloud storage solutions, we are able to reduce user friction.

During our VDI solution showcase, we demonstrated Autodesk’s Revit CAE program running on a virtual desktop environment in the cloud with hardly noticeable lag.

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