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ImageStream analysis in the cloud

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ImageStream analysis in the cloud

Luminex’s ImageStream® cytometer is a powerful tool used by scientists in biology and medical fields to understand the mysteries hidden inside our cells.  The cytometer combines two powerful analytical methodologies: flow cytometry, and fluorescence imaging.  Flow cytometry is a technique that allows scientists to quantitate numerous cellular features, such as proteins and DNA, using lasers, optics, and a fluidics system.  Invented in the 1960s, flow cytometers are an integral piece of equipment in biological and medical research.  Fluorescence imaging, on the other hand, is a microscopy technique used to snap images of cells and understand its structure and morphology.  The technology uses fluorescent “tags” or labels to mark cellular components and proteins to understand where there are located (localization), what other molecules they may be associated with (co-localization), and how they move about inside and outside the cell (trafficking).

Combining flow cytometry with fluorescence imaging makes it possible to gain insight into the cell at a microscopic level with access to both quantitative and qualitative data.  Not only can scientists determine protein expression of cells, but also learn about its localization and trafficking throughout the cell.

We understand that specialized analysis software frequently require a specific platform or operating system, such as the case with Ideas®, the analysis software for ImageStream®.  Additionally, resource restrictions such limited access to workstations due to overly busy core facilities, can impede scientific research progress.  To address these issues, we have partnered with Cytogence, Inc., an Alabama-based biotech company, to develop a virtualized workstation using Amazon Web Services AppStreem 2.0 platform to analyze ImageStream® data in the cloud.  We have successfully showcased our virtualized workstation that enables researchers to analyze their ImageStream data securely and reliably from any internet-connected device, even including tablets.

Contact us for a free consultation and trial of our virtualized workstation for Luminex’s ImageStream® Ideas® analysis software.

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