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New Office in Irvine California

Read Time 0 mins | Written by: Kwijae Cho

We’re really excited to announce our new location on the 6th floor of Oracle Tower in Irvine, California.

Growth can sometimes happen rapidly, and that is exactly the case for us.  Despite these unprecedented times, through our continued business from our customers and support from our invaluable team, we have been able to grow our company to where it is now.  We are really excited that our company acquired a new location in Irvine, California on its 6-month anniversary (Happy 6-months KeyQ!).

Our new location in California will focus on mobile applications development, IoT, prototyping and device R&D.

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Kwijae Cho


I started my career as a mechanical engineer with expertise in computational fluid dynamics and model optimizations. However, things changed when I met Ken in 2009, as my focus started to shift into business.

My first endeavor into business was with the export/import industry. I had the opportunity to study the various laws and regulations that surround exportation and importation of goods between countries. My experience in trade led me to business management and I soon found myself overseeing the operation of startups and small businesses.

After successfully expanding the growth of 3 companies, resulting in 65% increase in year-over-year growth, and starting a company of my own, Ken had reached out asking me to join his team to help him accelerate KeyQ. I enjoy working in a fast-paced work environment and am excited to help boost KeyQ’s journey to new heights.

Personal Interests

I enjoy the outdoors, including activities such as walking, hiking, swimming. Traveling is also a personal favorite. I enjoy discovering new places, meeting new people and learning about their culture.