Asante helps business of all sizes with maintaining compliance with Japanese labor laws while assisting with subsidy applications for SMB owners.  Managing clients, subsidy applications, and compliance documents quickly became overwhelming with no single solution addressing their challenges.  “We’re using a combination of G-Suite, DropBox, and other off-the-shelf solutions which is proving difficult for our employees, especially our new hires,” states Takao Minami, Director of Operations.  ”We need an all-in-one solution, like a control center, to be able to engage our clients, and process applications.”

Why KeyQ

For Asante to realize increased agility and cost savings, KeyQ developed a cloud solution built on AWS’s versatile and global cloud infrastructure.  KeyQ developed a custom CRM solution that digitized documents, complete with tracking and task management.  KeyQ also designed and developed a mobile application for client engagement.  ”We needed an easy way to engage our clients to obtain information required for their subsidy application, and KeyQ did it.,” says Takao.