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ImageStream analysis in the cloud

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Luminex’s ImageStream® cytometer is a powerful tool used by scientists in biology and medical fields to understand the mysteries hidden inside our cells.  The cytometer combines two powerful analytical methodologies: flow cytometry, and fluorescence imaging.  Flow cytometry is a technique that allows scientists to quantitate… Read More »ImageStream analysis in the cloud

Eric Nam

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Eric Nam, MS “Lord of All Things Technical” Youtube Github Background I majored in computer science during my undergraduate studies and began my graduate school journey in electrical and computer engineering with the goal to deepen my understanding of electronics hardware. The classes and research… Read More »Eric Nam

Kwijae Cho

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Kwijae Cho, MS “Operations Ninja” Linkedin Background I started my career as a mechanical engineer with expertise in computational fluid dynamics and model optimizations.  However, things changed when I met Ken in 2009, as my focus started to shift into business. My first endeavor into… Read More »Kwijae Cho

Kenneth Hough

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Kenneth Hough, PhD Founder & “Captain Trouble Maker” Linkedin Github Stack-overflow Book-open Background I founded KeyQ in March of 2020 with the vision of helping businesses achieve the next level of success through delivering innovative and meaningful cloud solutions.  Since its inception, I have worked… Read More »Kenneth Hough

Using ML & image recognition to identify toxic ingredients in health products

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There are over 700 banned chemical ingredients, and over 900 severely restricted ingredients in the European Union.  These chemicals unfortunately still make it into commercial beauty and health products sold to consumers.  Although we may be able to identify a handful of toxic ingredients, and… Read More »Using ML & image recognition to identify toxic ingredients in health products